All aboard our upcycled bus!

Some of you may have seen our bus out and about in Aberdeen. It’s been to countless events over the years, and we’ve welcomed loads of people on board for recycling advice. None of us know exactly how old the bus is, as it’s been here longer than anyone on the team! Here’s a photo of the old-style bus at an event in 2006.

Waste Aware Bus in 2006

Two years ago, we had a new design put up on the outside of the bus. This is what it looks like now:

The bus in 2013So while the outside of the bus has had a makeover, the inside hasn’t changed in years. Although we’ve got displays up with lots of information about recycling, the red seats and the lino floor were looking a little tired, and well, a bit boring. Just like any ordinary bus.

The inside of the busWe felt like we were missing a trick, and we could make a lot more of the inside of the bus. We wanted to use it to show people how it’s possible to reuse and recycle everyday items – for example, tyres into stools, old clothes into cushions, or even toys into plant pots!

Plant pot made from toy dinosaurChristina, one of our Recycling Officers, is a design graduate, and her university projects focused on sustainable design. She had a vision for how we could transform the bus by giving old things a new life. We wanted people to come on the bus and think ‘Wow!’ We hoped that, if people liked what they saw, it would get them thinking about how they could recycle and reuse things themselves.

So over the last few months, Christina’s been busy turning her vision of the bus into reality. The old blue lino has gone, and the new floor is made from bright shiny boards from a school gym hall, which we got from Hargreaves Reclaimed Flooring.

And the walls have been freshly tiled with old computer circuit boards on one side and sheets of recycled plastic on the other. We’ve got a few different types of plastic sheeting – made from recycled toothbrushes, CDs, plastic bottles and even shredded banknotes! We got all those from Smile Plastics, and the circuit board tiles are from Revolve.

Here’s a photo of the new-look bus. Sorry it’s dark! We’ll go and take another one next time the sun is shining so you can see all the colours properly.

The inside of the bus nowWe think the bus is looking brilliant already, but it’s nowhere near finished! The seats, tables, display areas and lighting are all going to be transformed using upcycled fabrics and objects. More soon on the rest of our plans for transforming the bus. We are still open to ideas, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on board!


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