It’s a wrap!

Yesterday marked the end of our week without plastic as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. It was an interesting week, but tough going at times as we hunted for alternatives to the plastic we often rely on. It’s fine for a week, but on a long-term basis we felt that it would…

Cleaning products aisle in supermarket

Plastic’s not fantastic

We’re pleased to report that four days in we are still on the no-plastic wagon – just. There have been a couple of near-misses with a bag of apples (Martina) and a bottle of water (Elaine). As a result, Elaine has pledged to buy a reusable water bottle for future use. It’s funny to realise…

Basket with shopping

Plastic Challenge: a quick update

Our plastic challenge is going quite well so far. Here’s what we’ve done: Elaine Went to the baker’s and bought a scone in a paper bag as a snack rather than going for crisps or chocolate in a wrapper. Did an almost-plastic free shop last night (there was no alternative for the milk) and took…

Plastic in landfill

Plastic, plastic everywhere!

Today is the first day of our week of attempting to live without plastic. Well, not completely without any plastic at all (sadly that would be impossible) but without “single-use plastic”. This covers things like plastic bags, drinks bottles, milk bottles, yoghurt pots, cling film and so on. Basically anything which is only designed to…

Aberdeen Beach

An event and a challenge

We have a couple of wee announcements to make today. Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd March, we will be taking part in Discovery Day at Satrosphere. It’s part of National Science and Engineering Week and we’ve chosen plastics as our theme. Rachael, Christina and Erica will be there running activities. So come along and join us to design your…

Love Your Food Book

Love your leftovers

One thing we often hear from people when we speak to them about food waste recycling is that it’s really made them think about the amount of food waste they produce. We’ve all thrown away food at one time or another (probably more often than we would like to admit!). But this habit is contributing…

Dragon Mask

The Day of the Dragon Masks

Over the past few months, Rachael has been working with Aberdeen’s Chinese community to produce a translated visual guide about waste and recycling services to let people know what they can recycle and how. This is part of an overall project to make information about recycling more accessible for people in Aberdeen who have English as…