Love your leftovers

One thing we often hear from people when we speak to them about food waste recycling is that it’s really made them think about the amount of food waste they produce.

We’ve all thrown away food at one time or another (probably more often than we would like to admit!). But this habit is contributing to the 389,000 tonnes of food waste in Scotland each year. The average Scottish household wastes £470 per year on food that’s thrown away.

Food waste is the focus of the latest Greener Scotland campaign, and their clever advert really hits home. If you haven’t seen the advert on TV, you can watch it here.

As part of the campaign, Greener Scotland staff have been holding roadshows around the country. Last weekend, Dawn and Erica joined them on their stand at Morrisons to speak to shoppers about how they can reduce their food waste and recycle any that can’t be avoided. They had a busy couple of days and spoke to lots of people.

The campaign also has a great website with lots of information about how to shop smarter, tips to help you meal plan and recipes to use up leftovers. There are also lots of recipe ideas on Love Food Hate Waste. Or why not have a look at our very own recipe book which we produced last year with recipes you sent in to our ‘Love your Food’ competition. Download your copy here.

Love Your Food Book

If you’ve got a favourite recipe to use up leftovers, leave a comment or contact us to let us know.


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