An event and a challenge

We have a couple of wee announcements to make today.

Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd March, we will be taking part in Discovery Day at Satrosphere.

It’s part of National Science and Engineering Week and we’ve chosen plastics as our theme. Rachael, Christina and Erica will be there running activities. So come along and join us to design your own reusable bag, make plastic bag parachutes and balloon-powered cars, and hear all about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle plastics.

And, still on the plastic theme, next week we will be taking on the Marine Conservation Society’s plastic challenge and attempting to live without plastic for a whole week. This means that we’ll be avoiding plastics that can’t be re-used (like food packaging) and trying to throw away as little plastic as possible.

We’ve been following the Plastic Challenge on their blog and on Twitter with interest and some trepidation. Plastic is everywhere! So it is going to be a real challenge and probably quite an eye-opener. Come back next week to find out how we are getting on.


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