Plastic Challenge: a quick update

Our plastic challenge is going quite well so far. Here’s what we’ve done:


  • Went to the baker’s and bought a scone in a paper bag as a snack rather than going for crisps or chocolate in a wrapper.
  • Did an almost-plastic free shop last night (there was no alternative for the milk) and took it all home in a reusable bag.

Basket with shopping


  • Has been bringing in her sandwiches in reusable bags instead of wrapped in cling film.
  • Has dug out some reusable fruit and veg bags to take to the supermarket so she doesn’t have to take the plastic bags on offer.

Fruit and reusable bag

But that’s not to say we can polish our halos. Martina ate a yoghurt. Elaine bought that milk instead of going without. We’re still writing with plastic pens and using tubes of toothpaste. Small steps…


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