Plastic’s not fantastic

We’re pleased to report that four days in we are still on the no-plastic wagon – just. There have been a couple of near-misses with a bag of apples (Martina) and a bottle of water (Elaine). As a result, Elaine has pledged to buy a reusable water bottle for future use. It’s funny to realise how ingrained our habits are and how we automatically reach for the usual items. This challenge is certainly making us think! Thanks to some canny shopping (some may call it cheating, we call it forward planning) none of us have needed to replace any toiletries or cleaning products this week, which is lucky as those aisles in the supermarket are pretty much wall to wall plastic. But we’re definitely considering hunting out some more sustainable options for when we next run out.

Cleaning products aisle in supermarket

One thing which we didn’t consider before taking on the challenge was Mother’s Day this Sunday. Our no-plastic pledge has made shopping for cards and gifts quite tricky. It seems that every single card now comes in a plastic wrapper. So our mums will be getting lovingly handmade cards this Sunday. We hope they like them! Likewise, the traditional Mother’s Day gifts are off-limits to us as well – flowers come in plastic wrappers and chocolates come in plastic trays. How about a magazine which can be read and enjoyed before being recycled? Better pick one that doesn’t come with a free gift in a plastic wrapper. Even if we wanted to avoid consumerism and bake our mums a cake or something, we’d be hard pushed to avoid plastic wrapped products at some stage in the process of baking and decorating even a simple sponge cake.

Magazines in supermarket

We are now entering the final few days of our Plastic Challenge and are quietly confident that we can see it though to the end! We’ll be back next week to share more about what we’ve learned from the experience.


4 thoughts on “Plastic’s not fantastic

  1. I always opt for a nice potted plant or outdoor planter. Something that given care and attention will last for years. Websites like notonthehighstreet have a great selection of handmade cards that aren’t usually plastic wrapped. The one I ordered was wrapped in tissue paper before it was put in the envelope so the tissue is now in the craft box.

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