Making Movies

We do a lot of work with schools to teach pupils about recycling. One of the biggest and most creative school projects we’ve done in recent years is working with the Reading Bus to create a series of animations about the different materials that can be recycled in Aberdeen.

The Reading Bus got funding to create a set of short films to encourage people to recycle and approached us to see if we would like to be involved. Of course we would! The project began in Torry in 2011. At the time, not a lot of people in the area were recycling, so we wanted to raise awareness of the services available for them to do so.

We worked with the pupils to help them understand the recycling services available in the area. Then, the pupils worked with a team of storytellers from the Reading Bus to make the films. They came up with a storyline, made artwork and models to film, and even recorded a song!

Primary 5/6 at Tullos School created ‘White Bags Don’t Fill Themselves’ to promote the kerbside recycling service for paper and cardboard.

Primary 5 at Walker Road School created ‘Please Recycle Glass!’ to encourage everyone to put their glass into their recycling black boxes.

The pupils held a premiere for their animations at Torry Academy – complete with red carpet! – and also presented them to councillors. The films were a success and the recycling rate in Torry increased.

The following year, we continued the project with secondary school students at Torry Academy who developed ‘Yes We Can Recycle’ about recycling food and drinks cans and ‘The Bottle to Recycle’ which focused on plastic bottles.

Since January, we have been working on a project to create three new animations, again in collaboration with the Reading Bus. Dawn and Erica have been working with pupils at three primary schools – Seaton, Gilcomstoun and Riverbank – and each school has come up with brilliant, creative ideas for their particular film. The subjects this time are food waste, textiles and waste electrical items. We’ll be ready to share the new animations with you soon – watch this space!

If you’re a pupil, teacher or parent interested in finding out more about waste and recycling, have a look on our website for a list of our school talk topics and links to a whole host of educational resources.


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