Pupils get animated about recycling

Yesterday we all went along to the Belmont Filmhouse in Aberdeen for a very special event. It was the premiere for a series of animations created by local school children. The short films look at various aspects of recycling and were created as part of a project we did with three local schools and the Reading Bus.

We did a similar project a couple of years ago when we worked with schools to produce films focusing on commonly recycled items like paper, glass, cans and plastic bottles.This time we wanted the students to look at the less common materials and to use their animations to show the wide range of items that you can recycle in Aberdeen.

So Primary Five pupils from Gilcomstoun School chose to focus on repairing and recycling textiles for their film, while Riverbank’s Primary Four class drew inspiration from recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment. Primary Five and Six pupils at Seaton Primary focused on food waste recycling.

If you weren’t lucky enough to see the films on the big screen, then you can watch them right here!


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