The new bins are in!

Hi everyone, Martina here. This week I’m reporting on Aberdeen’s first mixed recycling bins which are now up and running in Powis! It’s more exciting than it sounds, really.

Residents in Bedford Road, Powis Circle and Powis Crescent saw their neighbourhood transformed from this:
Street on Powis with overflowing bins and litter
To this..

New recycling bins in Powis Residents now have a one-stop shop for all of their recycling including:

• red-lidded mixed recycling bins that take more materials than ever before including plastics (bottles, pots, tubs and trays), paper, cardboard, metal and glass.
• and smaller grey bins for recycling all cooked and uncooked food.

Anything left over goes into the big, black landfill bin – but once everything is recycled, this shouldn’t be very much at all!

All the hard work that went into this project paid off when, in the first week, we collected 940 kg of mixed recycling. Check it out:

Pile of materials for recyclingWow, for bin geeks – like those of us who work for Aberdeen City Council’s Recycling Team – this is exciting stuff. All these wonderful materials are now en route to a re-processor to be made into brand new things! How amazing is that?

Nine hundred and forty kilograms is nearly one tonne of recycling. That’s a big number and not everyone has a clear sense of what that means. So, to give you a better idea, here’s a quick guide.
It’s one and a half dairy cows:
CowHalf a cow Or one and a third Austin minis:
MiniThird of a miniCool!

Exciting as that is, the real pleasure for me, in this project, came from working closely with the Powis Residents Group who’ve been dedicated and enthusiastic every step of the way. First, they invited me along to one of their meetings, then they delivered letters and put up posters, then they organised a Clean Up Day the weekend before the new service kicked off and – as if that wasn’t enough – they’ve also been posting regular messages on their Facebook page to encourage residents to recycle even more. Fantastic!

I’ll finish off by saying a big, loud THANK YOU to everyone who helped out. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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