The new bins are in! Part 2

Following the previous post about the new bins in Powis, we thought you might be interested to know more about the benefits of the new on-street mixed recycling service and what happens to all of the recycled materials after they’ve been collected.MRF bin


A new mixed recycling bin in Powis

What are the benefits of mixed recycling?

  • The new system is easier and more convenient for residents to use because it enables all materials to go into a single bin.
  • It takes up less storage space. Residents will only need a single bag inside their flat to collect their recyclable materials. Once the bag is full, it can be emptied into the on-street mixed recycling bins.
  • More materials can be recycled including plastic pots, tub and trays. This will reduce the amount of materials sent to landfill and the harmful greenhouse gases it produces.
  • The new on-street mixed recycling bins are wind and seagull-proof. The pilot scheme in Powis has proved a significant reduction of street litter and fly-tipping after the new bins were installed.
  • The new service is more efficient. It enables the Council to use taxpayers money more effectively because savings can be made on collections and landfill tax.

The pilot scheme in Powis was successfully introduced in July 2014 and continues to be popular with local residents. So, what’s next? Some streets in Torry and Garthdee will see new on-street mixed recycling bins installed before the end of the year.

More information on the Council’s mixed recycling collection can be found here.

What happens to your mixed recycling?

The materials are sent to a mechanical sorting facility (called a Material Recovery Facility or MRF), baled and then shipped to a re-processor. There, they are recycled and turned into valuable resources such as new bottles, cans and newspapers.

All of the materials from Aberdeen’s mixed recycling bins are sent to UPM in Shotton, north Wales. With the introduction of its new materials recovery facility, Shotton is now able to process everyday materials such as plastics, cans, paper and glass which are found in the UK’s domestic recycling system.


MRF in Shotton


MRF in Shotton


Sorting at MRF

Click on the link below and see how the facility works:


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