Here weee go!

My partner brought me a bumper sticker back from the U.S. which reads “I have no online presence….. but amazingly I exist”. You may get from that that I am still very comfortable in the late 20th century and my smart phone has an easy time of it, but welcome to my first ever blog post and my entry to the 21st century! I’m Dave and I’m lucky enough to work as a Recycling Officer for Aberdeen City Council. It may come as a surprise but I’m just the same as you: a householder and someone’s partner and I  have the clutter and fall out from two children. Yup – just the same as many of you. The lucky bit is that I’m interested in my job; I believe that our bins are important and what we do with the bits and pieces and leftovers we have is worthwhile.

So here weee go. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE to you and me – is my topic.

WEEE includes white goods, TVs, games consoles, laptop and desktop computers, hair dryers and heaters. If it is plugged into the mains or runs on batteries, it’s WEEE and we want it for recycling.

Pile of WEEE

Why, you may well be asking?

The metal and plastics that make up the bodies and carcasses of a lot of this equipment is high grade material and there is plenty of it to recycle. Some, not all, of the components can be recycled, and millions of pounds worth of precious metals are in the insides of phones and other electronics.

Hands holding a gold bar

There is also the pollution issue with WEEE; if it’s not recycled, it ends up in a hole in the ground to corrode to nothingness, possibly pouring out nasties into the ground and water. Lots of metals, and the solders and coatings, have a nasty effect on the environment and really should be dismantled and recycled properly. From big fridge freezers to tiny portable music players (no brand names here!), re-processors are well-equipped to deal with your WEEE.

Watch a short video on how WEEE is recycled.

What is the Council doing to make WEEE recycling easy and convenient? The Recycling Team, in partnership with the European Recycling Platform (ERP) have arranged with two of the city’s supermarket chains to take three supersized, easy-to-use WEEE banks.

WEEE recycling bank

We expect that they will be installed early in the New Year. This will make things easier for treating your WEEE with love and respect.

We are also running our annual Green Santa campaign which offers a WEEE collection to local schools, colleges and universities. Sponsorship from the European Recycling Platform is again providing prizes for the schools including raffling a Kindle for one lucky pupil and prize money for the top three performing schools. Should be good as this year’s campaign is bigger and better than ever before!

Green Santa with school pupils

Where can you find more information about recycling your WEEE, you may well be asking?

  • There’s a list of WEEE banks on our web page.
  • A leaflet is available if you prefer, just contact us if you’d like one.
  • Recycling Officers are available to answer your questions by email and phone, if you prefer a more non PC (personal computer) approach.

Well, this brings me back to my opening lines: if this blogging is as simple as this then my step into 21st century culture has been painless!


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