Another WEEE tale

It’s Dave here again. I wrote a post before about waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). I can now tell you that a fantastic 2.3 tonnes of WEEE was collected from schools and universities in Aberdeen as part of the Green Santa campaign in December. The campaign raises awareness of the importance of recycling WEEE, provides a one-off recycling collection and gives prizes to the best contributors.

Thank you to all of the local schools and universities who participated in our campaign!

Judging was difficult this year. Several schools gave us mountains of WEEE. There were vintage floor buffing machines, pieces of laboratory equipment, calculators, earphones – just so much variety from each school.


We had to look, though, at what had come in from the pupils, and not the school’s store rooms, for judging the winners. (Even teachers can have a sneaky side). The campaign is, after all, about teaching pupils the importance of recycling and showing them how to take action.

But, I’m glad to say, we disposed of nine fridges and about the same number of televisions, flat screen LCD and the old analogue receivers.

The pupils who made the best effort won the day though. Those making the effort to contribute shone through. I’m sure that the class teachers involved put in a lot of good work in encouraging the children and thanks as well to mums and dads who carried in the bigger items. SO WHO WON?

WEEE collected by Holy Family School

Holy Family School came first. The photo above is of all the items the pupils collected. As you can see, they made a real effort. Well done!

Fernielea School did really well too, so second place went to them.

Per head of class, the guys at Milltimber School did amazingly well and received a well-deserved and gladly awarded third place. I wish we could have given prizes to all of the schools that took part, but pockets are not that deep. The certificates the other schools received will, I hope, make up for the lack of podium places.

Here are some of the pupils from Holy Family, Fernielea and Woodlands schools at this morning’s prizegiving ceremony.

School pupils with electrical items

Thanks to the European Recycling Platform (ERP) who sponsored the campaign and provided the prize money.

So well done Aberdeen schools and the City’s two universities! I think that two tonnes(ish) of otherwise unused appliances and machines is a great result for the pupils and students. So much material that could have sneaked into landfill, and been of no further use, has re-entered the material loop. These materials are now on their way to being transformed into new items such as TVs, mobile phones, kettles, laptops and so on. Recycling is a great way to conserve materials and give them another life. Have a look at these videos to learn more about the recycling process.

WEEE recycling bank

You can take part in this process too. WEEE recycling banks, like the one above, are located throughout Aberdeen and feed into the same recycling loop as the collection points at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Find out where Aberdeen’s WEEE banks are located or visit your local Recycling Centre in order to recycle WEEE and keep preserving our valuable natural resources. Happy recycling folks!


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