Coming clean

Hello again from Dave. After writing my last post with tips on how to reduce waste around the house, I got to thinking about how the ‘reduce’ principle could be applied to a specific household activity – cleaning. Here’s why this is important: • One bottle of general purpose detergent is better than half a dozen…

Kitchen showing items for recycling

Recycle more from around the house

This week (22-29 June) is Recycle Week and this year the theme is ‘recycling around the home’. Most of us remember to recycle items from the kitchen like bottles and jars, but it’s easy to forget about the items that can be recycled from the other rooms in our homes. So read on for a…

Plastic tubs and trays

Recycling – how to get it right!

Although recycling is getting more and more common, lots of people are still not sure exactly which materials can be recycled. In Aberdeen, the recycling service varies depending on what area you live in, and whether you live in a house or a flat, and that can make it confusing too. What makes it even…