Food, Glorious Food Part III

It’s Scarlett, back again for the last instalment of food waste reducing tips. This time we will be looking at how to reduce food waste when cooking and eating out.


  • Cook more than you need! When you’re tired the last thing you want to do is cook, but shop-bought ready meals are expensive, not very healthy and very wasteful (all that packaging they are wrapped in!), ditto for takeaways. On the days you do have time to cook, make a lot more food than you need, divide the remaining food into portions then pop them into the freezer/fridge for another day, or take it to work/uni to save money on your daily lunch. Instant homemade ready meals!

WOman cooking leftovers

  • Eating leftovers will save you time and money! You can create whole new meals from your leftovers; click on the picture below to check out our Love you Food recipe book which is full of ideas on how to use your leftovers.

Love Your Food Cookbook

  • Be creative! Some of the most delicious meals I have ever made have been experiments, made out of random vegetables I have in the drawers along with some herbs and spices thrown in and other items I have in the cupboard/freezer. Stir fries and curries are a great way of using up vegetables. Click here for a quick stir fry recipe. For a vegetarian option use Quorn or tofu.
  • If you aren’t the most confident cook: buy a student cookbook! I actually use my student cookbooks more now than I did while I was in uni! A lot of recipe books contain recipes that are too complicated/contain too many ingredients/take too much time/will cost too much money and may make you want to give up before you’ve even started. Student cookbooks contain recipes that are nutritious, really tasty, contain ingredients that you won’t have to go to a specialist shop to buy and are often fun and quick to make. Charity shops often have a selection of student cookbooks. I would highly recommend the Student Cookbook or the Vegetarian Student Cookbook.

In the restaurant

  • Share dishes in restaurants or take home leftovers! If you find yourself unable to finish the generous portions offered in some restaurants, ask if you can share a dish with someone on your table or take it home and have it for lunch the next day! I have a Great Aunt who carries around food bags for those occasions.

There are obviously things that you can’t eat like tea bags; banana skins, onion skins etc. and these should go into your food recycling bin. Find out more information about food recycling on our website whether you have a brown bin for food waste or an on street food waste bin.

Food Waste Caddy Cropped

If you have a garden you could try composting, we have several posts on composting on our blog, our composting for beginners blog can be found here.

If you have any more tips to share, or any questions about food waste please leave a comment, email us or send us a message on Facebook.


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