Keep your bin safe on Bonfire Night!

Hi there, Tanita here! Soon, people all over Aberdeen will be warming their hands on the glow of a bonfire and setting their sparkles alight to dazzle and daze. However, the 5th of November is not an excuse to get rid of unwanted items or waste materials on the bonfire.59f9d7037f49ac

Burning some items such as car tyres and wheelie bins can release toxins into the atmosphere and poses a serious risk to human health. There are no laws against having a bonfire but you can not burn household waste on it if it will cause pollution or harm people’s health. If you do have a bonfire, then use wood. Wood ash can be used in the garden to improve soil because it contains valuable minerals. Small quantities can go into your compost bin. Too much will turn the compost heap too alkaline.


Spent fireworks which have been fired, used and enjoyed should be handled in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines which usually recommend soaking in water to ensure they’re safe. They can then be put into the residual waste bin. Spent fireworks cannot be accepted via the recycling and even one or two risk contaminating an entire load or material. Un-used fireworks should not be disposed at all via our facilities due to the potential for them to spontaneously combust when being stored or handled.

Unfortunately, we have had incidents of wheelie bins being set alight in some parts of Aberdeen. This is very dangerous. It is not acceptable and puts people at potential risk of harm and burns. There are real dangers posed by such irresponsible behaviour. Please contact the police if you witness any incidents of wheelie bins being set on fire.


In the build up to Bonfire Night, and especially if your collection day falls on Thursday 5th or Friday 6th November, please make sure you only put your wheelie bin out on by 7am on the morning of the collection rather than the night before, and that you take it back in after it has been emptied. You can double check your collection day here.

So have fun and stay safe this bonfire night!


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