Building a bird nest box from recycled wood

Hi everyone, David in the recycling team here.

This weekend, 30/31 January, the RSPB will be running their Big Garden Birdwatch.

There will be lots of events taking place across the country to encourage people to take part and count the birds in their garden. You can sign up at the above link and can take part in the count which only takes an hour to do and provides lots of vital information to the RSPB.

Last year, we posted about making upcycled bird feeders. We showed some of these bird feeders at the RSPB birdwatch events we attended and they proved very popular and really easy to make.

This year we have made a Guide to building a nest box out of old pieces of wood & timber. Instead of throwing any scrap pieces of wood out you can easily make and build yourself a bird nest box for your garden or surrounding area.

Birds are finding it more and more difficult to find suitable places to build their nests. In many parks and gardens there may be plenty of food for small birds but nowhere for hole-nesting birds to nest.Bird Nesting Box
Over 60 species are known to have used nest boxes. Regular residents include blue, great and coal tits, nuthatches, house and tree sparrows, starlings, spotted and pied flycatchers, robins, house martins, kestrels and tawny owls. Much depends on the type of the box, where it is located, and on its surroundings.

Over the Christmas holidays I went home to visit my parents for a few days. They had recently had work done to their kitchen so there was lots of scrap wood and timber left. I spent a couple of hours one day and used the scrap wood which would have just been thrown out otherwise to build a couple of bird nest boxes. I only needed a small saw, a hammer, a drill and the drill bits to make the hole and some screws. Here is a picture of the ones I made which are now proudly placed in the garden at home.

Bird Nesting Boxes on Garden Fence

The RSPB also have lots of helpful information on their website about building and positioning a bird nest box in your garden.

Happy building and enjoy watching the birds in your garden close up.


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