Love Reuse and Recycling this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to show those we love – friends, family, and partners – that we care. Simple gestures and handmade items can often mean more to people than expensive gifts because of the time and energy involved in making them. As an antidote to a commercialised Valentine’s Day, in the Recycling Team we’ve been busy thinking of creative ways to transform items that we have lying around the house into lovely Valentine’s gifts for our nearest and dearest.

Love Bugs!

The humble toilet roll may not come to mind when you first think about love bug 2romantic items for Valentine’s but you may be surprised to see how cute a ‘love bug’ can be. To make this adorable creation, paint a cardboard toilet roll holder, glue googly eyes on and draw a smile and eye lashes – this forms the main body of the love bug. Then use paper, felt or cardboard to make butterfly wings and attach these to the body. Stick colourful pipe cleaners to the top of the holder and then twist and mould the pipe cleaners into a bug antenna like shape – voila you have created a love bug! This is a lovely craft to make with children and can be given to parents, grandparents and loved ones.

IMG_0408I spotted another cute idea online which is also good for kids and adults alike. The templates for these are available on Dandee Designs and can be printed out for free. You may not have plastic bugs at hand but you can purchase them on eBay or Amazon or buy chocolate ones. Better yet why not check out your local charity shop to see if they have any bug like creatures in their toy boxes. It is a simple yet effective way to show you care or ‘bug’ someone you love!!

Valentine’s Cards

2015-01-20_Bilotto-diy-valentines-day-cards-king-queen-heartsMost of us have a pack of cards lying about our houses somewhere. I remember buying a pack with the intention of playing cards on long car journeys or on the train. However this intention has never materialised (I spend all my time day-dreaming out of the window!) and I have a pack at home that I never use. Why not use the pack of cards to make a cute Valentine’s card or wreath. You may have heard the expression you are the ‘King of my heart’. By using some paper, the King of Hearts playing card and some red love hearts you have just created a unique and memorable card.

If you have made any handmade items or cards in the run up to Valentine’s Day then please let us know, by leaving a comment below. We are always happy to hear about creative ways that items have been reused and upcycled to make cool new items.

Happy Valentine’s!


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