Spring Garden: Get Your Green Fingers Ready!

Spring is in the air! Daffodils, bluebells and snow drops are flowering all across Aberdeen City. It’s the time of year when we start heading outside in the sunshine (long may it last) and buying some plants and flowers for our gardens and window sills. But don’t drag your kids around Garden Centres to buy planters! Spend some quality time with them instead, making your own planters from household items. This can really capture your child’s imagination. In fact, anything that will hold soil can be converted into a planter – cups, tins, tyres, etc. In this blog post, we will show you how to turn household items such as boots into planters for your garden and tea cups, egg cartons and tin cans into planters for your window sills.

Egg Cartons

egg cartonAndrew and I visited Albyn Nursery this week and helped the children to make seed planters using old egg cartons. They were happy to be outside in the sunshine planting lettuce seeds. To make this, all you need is an egg cartons, some soil and seeds. Making planters like this is a great way to get children interested and involved in gardening. It also teaches them to see materials as such as egg cartons differently – what else could you make out of an egg carton? The possibilities are endless!


IMG_1196Another great idea is to turn old boots into planters in your garden. As kids grow so quickly, they will grow out of their boots. Here is an example of plants inside boots from my mum’s garden. As you can see they are being used to house some cool looking plants. There is a whimsical feel to using boots instead of other items; it adds a sense of fun and adventure

Tea cups

tea cupYou can grow cacti, herbs and succulents in tea cups – why not line them up on a shelf for a living display. Putting some small pebbles on the top of the tea cup creates a contrast between the green of the succulent and the white of the mug/cup. You can get some cool looking crockery in charity shops as people will often give cups away if have a chip or do not go with the rest of their crockery set. Here is a photo of a plant that I keep on my window in a tea cup. It fits perfectly and seems to be happy as it is flowering!!

Tin Cans and Yogurt Pots

tins for plantsIt is important to wash your chosen cans and/or yogurt pots. Make holes in the tin cans with a hammer and nail – three should be enough. Fill the bottom of the can with small pebbles – just one layer deep. Make sure they are on saucers or dishtowels to catch any spills. When you remove the paper sleeve from tins you may be surprised how the silver gives an industrial chic. As you can see from the number of items listed here, there is no end to the items that you can turn into planters for your house and garden! So instead of giving away an item or putting it to be recycled why not reuse it and give it a second lease of life!

Please feel free to share any photos of planters you have made on our Facebook page – we would love to see them and it will inspire others to try and make some too!

Happy Planting!


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