Remember to recycle your food and garden waste this summer!

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22/03/10 Waste Aware wheelie bins

Aberdeen City Council began a food recycling service for properties with communal waste collections in June 2013. Food recycling bins are now in place at flats, tenements, student accommodation and multi-storey properties. Depending on where you live, the food recycling bin is located either on the street nearby or in the communal courtyard or bin store. Households are also provided with free kitchen caddies and bio-liners. Individual houses are provided with a brown wheelie bin for garden waste and food leftovers.

The Waste and Recycling Team has received feedback about the service through door-knocking campaigns and by meeting residents at events. Here are the main issues raised by the residents who do not currently use the food recycling service and our responses:

  • Your brown wheelie bin is for both food and garden waste. We have received the feedback that some residents are not aware that a brown garden waste bin is for food leftovers too. Yes – both garden and food are organic and can be processed into compost. If you do not have much garden waste, please still use the bin for food leftovers or use a communal food bin nearby.
  • You can use any container if you don’t have a green kitchen caddy from the Council. Some people have said that because they don’t have a caddy, they cannot recycle food leftovers. In fact, you can use either the Council’s green caddy or any basket or pot you have at home. As long as the food leftovers end up in the brown bin or in the communal food bin, we don’t mind which basket you are using.
  • If you think that you don’t consume much or you have nothing to recycle because you don’t waste food – that’s brilliant! But remember, ‘leftover’ does not mean only wasted food but also peelings, egg shells, teabags, coffee grounds, bones etc and it’s all great for compost. It all counts, even the small amounts!
  • By getting into the habit of recycling food waste, you’ll notice what types of food are regularly leftover or go off before you can eat them. This will help you to plan meals and shop smarter to avoid food waste.
  • If you eat fruit outside, please use the nearest communal food bin to recycle peelings or cores.

Once collected, your food and garden waste is sent to a recycling facility in Aberdeenshire and made into compost, a valuable resource for horticulture and landscaping.

Free replacement liners are available to pick up at all local libraries, Learning Centres and the Council’s Customer Access Points at Marischal College, Kincorth, Mastrick and Woodside. You can also order liners online.

08/04/13 New Food recycling bins17/06/13 Food waste recycle binsoutside flats in Seaton.



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