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Lunch Box 1

Hi there, it’s Andrew here with another recycling blog.

The Recycling team are often invited to different events and training sessions throughout the year. I was lucky enough to attend an internal training session called, ‘Think Great for Sustainable Decisions’.

This one hour ‘Pit Stop’ session, looked at how to improve decision making, while still considering the environment, people, finance, assets, and Information. This made me think how sustainable we are as a team, and what changes could we make to become more sustainable.

The training session was broken down into separate discussions and activities. It was interesting to hear people’s views and opinions about sustainability, especially in the work place. Common concerns were raised such as, “there is too much paper being used”, “There are limited recycling facilities” and “We waste so much electricity”. As a team we are always trying to become more sustainable. For example, we try when we can to bring in a waste free lunch box, we car share when monitoring or going to different events.

Below is a lunch box that we got from the ‘Go Green’ initiative, run by Robert Gordons University – The lunch box is actually made from recycled chewing gum!

Green Lunch Box 2


How people dispose of their waste is an important part of becoming more sustainable. As recycling officers, we want to encourage the better use of all materials.

Here are a few top tips to become more sustainable at work:

  • Print in black and white, print on both side of paper if possible
  • Take the bus to work (If you are really keen you could cycle or run!)
  • Bring your own waste free lunch box to work
  • Switch off lights when you can
  • Turn on dishwasher when there is a full load
  • Turn off your computer/monitor when finished for the day


So what does sustainability mean?

Sustainability has been talked about a lot in the in recent years. There has been an on going effort by local authorities to become more sustainable.

The Scottish Government describes it as: “Sustainability is not simply a matter of improving the natural environment and the sustainable economic use of our natural assets. It involves a sustainable approach to all economic development, including better ways of promoting – and taking advantage of – our potential in areas such as renewable energy. We also need to encourage and adopt less resource-intensive, lower carbon approaches when developing and implementing policy”.

Most recently this has been used in partnership with the circular economy –

It is great to see Aberdeen City Council appreciate the importance of becoming a forward thinking sustainable city. Sustainability has been incorporated within Aberdeen City Councils logo for smarter working ‘improving our use of resources’.

ACC Log0 3

There are many ways we can become more sustainable at home and at work. We are always looking for reader’s feedback about our blogs. If you have any tips on how to become more sustainable please share in our comments section below.









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