Your New Waste and Recycling Service

Hi there, it’s the Recycling Team here with the latest Recycle for Aberdeen blog looking at how the roll out of the city’s new waste and recycling service is going.

Improvements are well underway, so it’s a good time to take a closer look at the key changes and how the new service will work.

We’ve been promoting the changes since the start of the year in the press, online, and with posters and other adverts so we hope everyone has heard about them. You’ll also have received a new bin collection calendar through the post in early February along with a letter and FAQ sheet that introduced the new service and what to expect.

The Council want all residents to be able to easily recycle a wide range of materials in either their own or shared recycling bins. The service has already been successfully introduced to flats and tenements, and during 2017 we’re rolling it out to all households.

What are the changes?

On 6th March all of the city’s waste and recycling collection routes changed. This means your day of collection might have changed too and you should now be using your new collection calendar. If you have misplaced your calendar you can go online to view/download another one at

Each household will soon receive one new general waste bin along with an info leaflet, and your old general waste bin will be stickered as “Mixed Recycling”. Deliveries started on 27th February and our plan is to deliver 10,000 bins each week. We’re pleased to say that we’re currently on track to have them all in place by mid May.

Visit to find out when your new bin and sticker will be delivered.

Once you have your new bin and your old one has become your mixed recycling bin, your recycling box and bag will no longer be emptied. You can keep these containers to use as storage or you can take them to any Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Your improved service

A question we often get asked is why can things like margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and fruit punnets not be recycled. Well the good news is that now they can. Plastic pots, tubs and trays as well as food and drink cartons can all go into the mixed recycling bin along with glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles; tins, cans aerosols and foil; and paper and cardboard. Find out what you can recycle using the mixed recycling service by visiting this page

Collecting all recycling from a single bin rather than a recycling box and bag will make life easier for you, provides you with a bigger container to recycle more, and helps us meet Scotland’s ambitious waste and recycling targets. It is also safer and faster for collection crews and will reduce litter and lost containers when there is poor weather and high winds.

Everything collected from mixed recycling bins will be taken to our new purpose built Materials Recovery Facility in Altens East which is due to open in Spring 2017. At the new, state-of-the art facility, materials will be sorted into different types and bulked, before being sent on for reprocessing. Take a look at our video that goes behind the scenes of the new facility.

Help us spread the word

We want to make everyone aware of the changes so please spread the word to family, friends, and neighbours. We have a range of materials that we can offer to community venues including posters, a pictorial recycling guide, pull up banners, leaflets and an electronic presentation. If you would like to display any of these in your community venue or you have any further questions then please get in touch by email  or phone 03000 200 292.


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