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Food, Glorious Food Part III

It’s Scarlett, back again for the last instalment of food waste reducing tips. This time we will be looking at how to reduce food waste when cooking and eating out. Cooking Cook more than you need! When you’re tired the last thing you want to do is cook, but shop-bought ready meals are expensive, not…

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Dig in!

Hi again, Martina here. Welcome back for the third and final post on cutting waste by home composting. This week, we’ll look at how to know when your compost is ready to be dug into your garden and also how to troubleshoot problems, should any arise. Predicting when your compost will be finished is a…


The Compost Diet

This week let’s look at what materials to put in your compost bin and how they’ll break down to make finished compost. If you missed the first post in our composting series, catch up here. Your compost bin has simple needs for a balanced diet: 50% green (or wet) materials and 50% brown (or dry)…

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Composting for Beginners: Part 1

Hello to everyone in blog-land! I’m Martina and I’m part of the recycling team here at Aberdeen City Council. With the unusually balmy temperatures in Aberdeen recently, I’ve had my mind on all things outdoors. So I decided it would be timely to do a series of posts on cutting waste by home composting. A…