Pile of WEEE

Here weee go!

My partner brought me a bumper sticker back from the U.S. which reads “I have no online presence….. but amazingly I exist”. You may get from that that I am still very comfortable in the late 20th century and my smart phone has an easy time of it, but welcome to my first ever blog post and…


Pupils get animated about recycling

Yesterday we all went along to the Belmont Filmhouse in Aberdeen for a very special event. It was the premiere for a series of animations created by local school children. The short films look at various aspects of recycling and were created as part of a project we did with three local schools and the Reading…


Making Movies

We do a lot of work with schools to teach pupils about recycling. One of the biggest and most creative school projects we’ve done in recent years is working with the Reading Bus to create a series of animations about the different materials that can be recycled in Aberdeen. The Reading Bus got funding to…

Dragon Mask

The Day of the Dragon Masks

Over the past few months, Rachael has been working with Aberdeen’s Chinese community to produce a translated visual guide about waste and recycling services to let people know what they can recycle and how. This is part of an overall project to make information about recycling more accessible for people in Aberdeen who have English as…

Green Santa

Pupil power boosts recycling

Going along to schools to speak to pupils about recycling is a big part of our job. Every year at Christmas time, we do a schools project with Green Santa. Here he is: In previous years, schools have collected toys which Green Santa has passed on to local charities. Last year, we decided to do…